Death Gets Personal


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Tess, raised in London, grew up with National Health Care and she must now defend the system against her American siblings.




Elizabeth’s Harvard education helps her when calculating financial value for mergers and acquisitions, but what happens when the equations directly affect the lives of those around her?




Dawn ran away to Berkley to pursue her career as a folk singer, but also to escape persecution by the religious right for her sexual orientation.




Frank, a truck driver from Clayton, Iowa and an avid fan of the Fox Network, believes in defending the sanctity of life against attacks by left wing liberals, but what happens when pat answers don’t work.



In Britain, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (N.I.C.E.) sets up guidelines about who should live and who should die for terminal patients. What happens when they decide your comatose mother must die? What starts out as a debate about issues of nationalized health care quickly turns into a debate about the value of human life. Four siblings are forced to confront death and their own inner demons.


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Produced by

Level 4 Films, Inc. and American International Theater, Inc.